I'm Luca Guidi, a new member of this list.

I see that the changeset 8118, has introduced ActiveModel as
experimental library. Its purpose is to put some stuff (validations,
observers, callbacks) from ActiveRecord inside ActiveResource.

I think it isn't enough: cause many times we have to deal with
duplicated model objects: one for local action, and another one for
remote stuff.

I solved this issue by-myself, with a plugin, that deeply hacks those
libraries. It works fine, it allows to use the AR and ARes APIs,
dealing with a database or a REST service, just checking the 'remote'

Could be useful to unify ActiveRecord and ActiveResource inside one

It could reduce the amount of model classes, and the duplication of
domain rules (e.g. validations).

What do you think about?

PS: Congratulations for the release 2.0