ActiveModel Serialization API: design and documentation

It doesn’t make much sense to me how the Serialization API is designed and documented currently. Let me split both subjects.


  Why does the API require an 'attributes' method if the module only

uses its keys? I guess attributes should either return an array of the keys to be serialized or be renamed to something like ‘attribute_keys’. Another option would be ActiveModel::Serialization to maintain the attributes hash up-to-date as well as using the initial values of the hash.

  It seems the API is designed this way so that it fits the

ActiveRecord API. But for this to make sense as an independent module, it should implement more from ActiveRecord like maintaining the attributes hash up-to-date.


  What is the reason for 'to_json' not appearing in generated

documentation? I mean, “to_json” is documented in the “as_json” method but the last one returns a hash while the former returns a string.

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It doesn't make much sense to me how the Serialization API is designed and documented currently. Let me split both subjects.

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Confirmed, had the same issues trying to use AM serialization on my custom (non-AR) models. There is also another thing which I find confusing.

ActiveModel::Serializers::JSON relies on serializable_hash method provided by ActiveModel::Serialization.

ActiveModel::Serializers::Xml for some reason doesn't use that instead reimplementing serializable_hash from the scratch.

In other words overriding serializable_hash would only affect JSON serialization and not Xml one

Same thing here - I tried to reuse the Serialization API but found it way too complex and confusing, I think a rewrite would be best - still not sure why AM doesn't use ActiveSupport's serialization, though. That would make things much clearer.


I have been thinking about this as well. First time I have added to a discussion about core so throw the book at me but,

It seems somewhat limiting to make Serialisation generic for all formats as there might be a use case where different attributes may need to be serialised for different formats. I guess the next step from that would be writing different methods in the model. So a method called "attributes_as_json" could be written. Thinking about this does not seem right for a model though. It would add methods to models that are getting away form business rules. Thats why having attributes in the model does not seem to make sense to me.

One solution from a user POV would be to make setting options when .as_json or as_xml is called. This would add controller code however I would allow for a more generic method of serialisation accross different formats. It would also allow for more flexable web service design as your not locked in to the same attributes in your controllers. Why not have as_json and to_xml pass a block to serializable_hash which builds the hash of options and then delegates to what ever encoder needs to be used. That way you would avoid code that looks like this...

format.js { render :json => @shifts.to_json( { :include =>                                                       { :users =>                                                         { :only => [ :id, :first_name, :last_name ] }                                                       },                                                       :exclude => [ :active, :created_at, :updated_at, :occurrence, :company_id ]


                                                )                 }

YAY my first post to core!!!

Would it be possible to have a generic Serialization class that uses delegates to perform Serialization to different formats? It seems the reason why there is a different interface for xml as their is to json is that rails implements an number of "to_json" methods to a whole lot of existing classes (including Object).

Using a delegate for active model would unify the interface at last for active model and allow base level to_json implementations to work in their own regard. I have some time to spend on this and would love to submit a patch or two :slight_smile: but as I am new around here I would love some feedback as to if this could get in or what I would have to do to get to work on cleaning up the code a little.