ActiveModel::AttributeMethods limiting

In my attempt to add AM:Dirty to my model I realized that
AM#AttributeMethods is a bit imperfect. It's impossible to generate
attribute methods step-by-step in DataMapper-like manner.

class Model
    include ActiveModel::Dirty

    def, klass = String)
        define_property_accessors(name, klass)

        # This method will be called once, because of

class Article < Model
    property :title
    property :body
    property :published_at, Time

In the above example, attribute methods will be defined just
for :title. I don't see any nice workaround.

So what is the purpose of
AttributeMethods#attribute_methods_generated? I can't imagine any use
case for this. What about removing it entirely and providing
#define_attribute_method(s) with ability to call it multiple times? Am
I missing something?

Hey Alex, if you want go ahead and try a fix ;).

Done. Ticket with patch

Could anyone take a look at this ticket?