ActiveMerchant recurring billing PayPal Payflow problem

Sorry to post this here but the activemerchant google group is not
available. I am trying to use the
ActiveMerchant::Billing::PayflowUkGateway to set up recurring billing.
I've successfully made a test purchase through this gateway, but when
I try to create a recurring profile I get the following message:

"message"=>"Timeout waiting for Host response", "result"=>"109"

I am just trying this out in the console. My code is as follows:

paypal_options = {:login => "<snip>", :password => "<snip>"}


credit_card =
=> :visa, :number => '4818010018052335', :verification_value =>
123, :month => '11', :year => '2019', :first_name =>
'Dave', :last_name => 'Test')

PAYFLOW_GATEWAY.recurring(1200, credit_card, :periodicity => :monthly)

Any suggestions would be most welcome.