Active Record Query guide

I am marking this guide as done -

So please go through it and report any vital missing items or any
suggestions! And in case you haven't contrubuted to the guides before
and should help.

Patrick, I’m not sure if its a issue, but I mean it is:

In the section

4.1 Using a String SQL Fragment

You said to use manual join like this:

Client.all(:joins => 'LEFT OUTER JOIN addresses ON addresses.client_id = [](')

And you said this block will give the following SQL block:

SELECT clients.* FROM clients INNER JOIN addresses ON addresses.client_id = [](

In the Rails example you used LEFT OUTER JOIN, but in generated SQL you said that is an INNER JOIN

This is a doc issue or Rails really do this transformation?

Wilker Lúcio

Oops. That was wrong. Fixed it. Thanks for the report !

Hi, I found another minor mistake in same line:

In Rails code:

ON addresses.client_id =

In SQL code:

ON addresses.client_id =

In Rails you said the table “client” and in SQL “clients”, I mean it’s to be “clients” in both


Wilker Lúcio