active_record_doctor 1.7.1 released!

Hi fellow Rubyists!

active_record_doctor is a tool that helps you identify database issues before they hit production. I’ve just released 1.7.1 which contains the following improvements over 1.6.0:

  • New feature: detect incorrect boolean column presence validations (they must always use inclusion/exclusion instead of presence validators).
  • Enhancement: support view-backed models in undefined_table_references.
  • Bug fix: don’t report missing presence validations on boolean columns if they’re properly validated for inclusion/exclusion.
  • Bug
    fix: don’t report missing presence validations if the validation is defined on the association instead of the foreign key column.
  • Bug fix: report missing non-NULL constraints on foreign keys when the presence validation is defined on the association.
  • Bug fix: make missing_unique_indexes work in Rails 6 (thanks for Hrvoje Šimić for the fix).
  • Bug fix: fix a bug in missing_non_null_constraint that resulted in false positives (thanks for Artem Chubchenko for the fix).
    All feedback welcome!

Greg Navis

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