active_record_context, optimistic locking and object reload

It seems that active_record_context (by Rick Olson) and optimistic
locking don't play too well together.
When I enable active_record_context for the entire design, objects
don't properly reload.

This is more or less what I'm doing:

while !ok {
Transaction {!!
   ok = true

   ... reapply my changes to the objects ...

So, when I'm using active_record_context, which does wonders to the
database accesses, it seems that the reload doesn't function
correctly. I don't see any database fetches and thus, optimistic
locking keeps failing (since the other mongrel instances have changed
the data).


Any ideas?


Thanks Fred,

Is there a way for me to force reload from the database?
I just need it in a very limited number of places, so doing it
manually will not be a problem.


Oh, I think I may have run into this without realizing it. I just
shuffled my callbacks around a bit and it worked, but I didn't realize
this plugin was causing the issue. Um, gmail isn't showing the rest
of this conversation, so just send me a proper bug report at or via
email. A patch would be lovely too of course.

Hi Rick,

Funny thing, gmail stopped notifying me about thread additions too...
I just created the ticket in lighthouse about this.