ActionWebService and Dot NET

I hate dot NET, but sadly I spent an entire day interfacing with it.
To make a long story short, to get my Rails application talking to a
dot NET webservice properly, I needed to slightly hijack

I've included a patch to
which helped me deal with dot NET. It'd be great if someone with
write access to Rails svn could commit this, or otherwise propose a
better way to accomplish what I'm doing with ActionWebService.

Basically what this does is allow you to do something like this:

client =,
        :namespace => ‘http://some_namespace/’, :soap_action_base =>
        :driver_options => { ‘protocol.wiredump_file_base’ =>
“/Users/bosko/FOO_BAR” },
        :driver_attributes => { ‘default_encodingstyle’ =>
        ‘allow_unqualified_element’ => true})

The key thing to observe is the new "driver_attributes" option. This
is similar to "driver_options", but different -- see the patch for
how/why. There is no current way (before patch) to send attribute
assignment messages to the underlying SOAP Driver in
AWS::Client::Soap. This lets you do just that.

Note also that in the above code snippet, I use the
"protocol.wiredump_file_base" option as well; it wouldn't hurt if this
particular option was also documented in AWS::Client::Soap (it's not
in the patch I submit, but perhaps it should be in a separate one).


hijack_actionwebservice_soap_client.diff (2.07 KB)

Your best bet will be to follow the instructions @ and submit a patch ticket to have it reviewed for inclusion.

John W Higgins