ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper - auto_link

Hi there,

I'm working on something in Rails (my first app, really) and
attempting to use the auto_link feature. Basically, one of the fields
in my database is a url. I have successfully gotten it to format in
the view with the auto_link helper, but when it comes time for me to
try and input the :target => '_blank' part of things, it craps out on

This is the code that works:

<td><%= auto_link(h link.send( %></td>

When I attempt to have it use the :target => '_blank' stuff, is where
I'm getting lost...

If I change it to this: (or several other syntax variations)

<td><%= auto_link(h link.send(, :target => '_blank') %></

I get this:

wrong number of arguments (2 for 1)
Extracted source (around line #13):
10: <% for link in @links %>
11: <tr>
12: <% for column in Link.content_columns %>
13: <td><%= auto_link(h link.send(, :target =>
'_blank') %></td>
14: <% end %>
15: <td><%= link_to 'Show', :action => 'show', :id => link %></td>
16: <td><%= link_to 'Edit', :action => 'edit', :id => link %></td>

I've looked here:

I'm pretty sure it's probably something glaringly obvious that I'm
missing, but rather than bang my head incessantly on my keyboard, I
figured I'd save myself the qwerty imprints on my forehead and
ask. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Shawn.

I tried that, but then nothing shows up except for the column headers,
and the Show Edit Destroy links.

The URL and the other fields' content don't show up!

this is what I've got in there now:

<%= auto_link(h(link.send(, :target => '_blank') %>

When I put in the original code that worked, but without the target =>
'_blank' part, it shows the data...

Also, when I type " :target =>> '_blank')" it complains about an unexpected >



Thanks, Conrad!

I got it working over the weekend. :slight_smile: I needed to use the href options :slight_smile: