ActionPack tests fail in edge with latest Mocha


ActionPack tests fail on edge if you are running the latest Mocha (0.4). This is only when running the full suite via rake, not when running the specific test class (base_test.rb) in isolation. I have no idea why the discrepancy.

Here's a patch to fix it - its very minor and just due to an api change in mocha.

thanks, - Rob

Sorry about the Mocha API change - I forgot Kevin had to hide Mocha-related methods in that test. I just thought I’d let you know, it’s high on our todo list to reduce the footprint of Mocha i.e. the number of public methods that get added to Object. We also hope to provide a way of “un-Mochifying” an object. This would hopefully mean you wouldn’t need the hide_mocha_methods_from_controller method.