ActionMailer - Setting Header Values - Version Issues

When I first started using Rails, actionmailer set email header values by assigning values to instance variables within a model method. There were some specific instance variables such as 'subject', 'from', etc. Header values for which there was no specific instance variable assigned could be set using the @headers hash. This hash could be used to set the Reply-To header value.

Somewhere along the line things got changed so that methods were used to set header values instead of instance variables. That's the way things work in the version of Rails that I am currently using (2.3.8). Unfortunately, up until now, I have never had the need to set a Reply-To header in version 2.3.8 of Rails. That is now what I'm trying to do.

Unfortunately, the on-line documentation for actionmailer addresses Rails version 3.0 which uses a different methodology.

So, my question is this: Can someone please tell me what I need to do to set the Reply-To header value in version 2.3.8 of Rails?

Thanks for any input.

          ... doug

The site has the information for all versions so rails. When you do a good search it will always show you the latest version of rails when the is the link. You can click the version numbers at the top of the page to see what the same api is for another version. Here is the link to ActionMailer::Base for Rails 2.3.8. I think you will find what you need there for setting your reply-to header value.


Perfecto! Thanks so much.

      ... doug