ActionMailer problem

I'm a rails newbie and well into a new project. I'm using he
ActionMailer component for the first time but I keep getting an error
when executing it at the last step. I am passing some data through a
contact form that needs to be sent to a specific address, heres what I
have done so far.

First i setup the enviroment.rb with the ActionMailer configurations
like so:

config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :smtp

  config.action_mailer.server_settings = {
      :address => "",
      :port => 25,
      :user_name => "",
      :password => "374884",
      :authentication => "login"

Then using the console I used the generate mailer script and created
all the necessary files in which edited the create model mailer class,
view for the email and then the controller like so:

   def quote_send
     quote = params[:quote]

When I access this controller i get this error: "wrong number of
arguments (2 for 1)"

Can somebody point me out whats wrong, I have checked my code and
can't see any problems.

params[:quote] returns data thats been entered into a form. i still
don't understand what i'm doing wrong.