ActionMailer charset

Hi Guys,

How can I update the action mailer smtp charset.

I am using Gmail as my smtp server, and setup the

:default_charset => "big5"
:charset => "big5"

Both case sent my mail in utf8.

I want it to be big5 as my EmailToSMS required me to do so.

How to set up the charset?


Hi Guys,

I think it is a serious problem in Ruby1.9 in sending email in other

I used a few days and solved it now.

To send a Big5 message, the challenges are:

1. switch content-type to Big5
2. switch email body to Big5

1. default charset set the email header only
2. By enforcing the big5 encodes, an Invalid byte sequence error
3. The error display in Action Mailer, but actually it's Action Pack's
Template Erb bugs!

1. set the default charset to Big5.
2. Use Mikel's email to encode the body (since Tmail shipped with
ActionMail use .erb file which encoding is Utf8. And there is a bundle
of workaround; however all these workaround won't work in my machine!)

Pending problem:
I don't know how to set Mikel's Mail's OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE, and
I commented that parts in TLS. Any guys know how to set up, please let
me know and I appreciate it a bunch!