ActionController for Resources


I loved m_r for quite a while before dropping it because of huge
amount of magic and difficulty of the underlying code.

a super simple/transparent replacement would be great.

From what I gather hampton's suggestion isn't for a transparent
replacement, but some simple filters and helpers that get created for
you. ala

This discussion didn't really seem to reach a conclusion, hampton do
you have a patch ready to go for this? I think that the pastie above
is a good start for experimentation and something we should consider
including for the 2.2 release.

Koz, did you have a look at michael bleigh's plugin? That looks to me
like quite a nice version of what Hampton was talking about.

Do you mean:

I hadn't seen it till now but at first glance it does seem pretty cool

I was actually talking about this:

which looks like it was inspired by that other one you posted.
definitely cool