Action Mailbox - way to manually feed email

Is there a way to process an email by manually copying/piping/catting an email without the use of an MTA ? For example, assume I have a directory of email already received through my MTA (postfix in my case) and I want to process those email messages through ActionMailbox. I’d like to do something like

cat ~/jeff.eml | bin/rails action_mailbox:ingress:postfix URL= INGRESS_PASSWORD=’???’


That results in an error

No template found for ActionMailbox::Ingresses::Relay::InboundEmailsController#create, rendering head :no_content


I have a catch-all route pointed at archive_mailbox that works fine with email forwarded by postfix, but the manual email never reaches that mailbox. From the log, I can tell that it does see the message_id as the last thing it does is insert into action_mailbox_inbound_emails which is then rolled back. A log entry at the beginning of archive_mailbox never appears in the log.

I’d appreciate any ideas. Thx.