Action Mailbox Conductor not working for sending Inbound Emails in Development

Hi! I was excited to try Action Mailbox today, but can’t use the Conductor to send mails to my app in development…the conductor keeps crashing as soon as I try to send the email.

Here’s the Conductor form:

And here 's the error on submit:

NoMethodError in Rails::Conductor::ActionMailbox::InboundEmailsController#create

undefined method `original_filename’ for “”:String

And here’s a screen shot with code:

The error seems to be related to trying to add attachments to the mail object…but it occurs whether I attach something to the fake email or not.


• I tried this with an existing app , and then with a new Rails app just for troubleshooting. Rails and Ruby 3.1.1. Error happens on both apps.

• First I installed Active Storage on both apps. Then the image_processing gem. Then Action Mailbox. The installations all seem fine on both apps.

Any thoughts? Thanks much!

Never mind! I realized I could go to the Rails page on Github and found that an Issue had been opened up for this, and fixed a couple days ago.