Action Caching in Rails?

Dear all,

I have created a rails application which has menus, like companies,
users, departments, banners etc. When i click on my menu(I have used
link_to_remote) i have rendered the corresponding pages without changing
the layouts. I have fully used ajax concepts for all navigations.

For listing companies and users, i need to use action caching but when
ajax request in passed action caching was not performed. It works fine
when the requesxt is just post(like while using link_to).

So could any one please suggest on above issue how to handle action
caching when the request is a ajax request.?

Thanks in advance

Jose Martin

You might want to check out fragment caching where you can take more
control over what fragments are expired when...

Action caching mixed with Ajax might be your issue, although I haven't
experimented with that mix. I used fragment_caching long before I
started Ajax-ifying (is that even a word?) my app.