Accessing the instance variable in another method

Subashini Kumar wrote:

I am new to Rails.I tried developing a basic quiz application.Please
help me out in my doubt.Thanks in advance

<% CODE %>

class QuizController < ApplicationController

  def index
# i have retrieved the first five questions from the database for
displaying the #question to user

You should really call this variable @quizzes, so it will be clear that
it contains an Array of Quiz objects, not just one.


  def report


# this method checks the answer and gives score
  def checkanswer
# here i want to access the @quiz object which is a set of questions i
have #retreived from the database.Hot to access it?

You'll need to retrieve the records again, or pass them in from params
or the session. Instance variables do not persist between controller
method calls (because the controller is freshly instantiated each time a
request is made).