Access to more Arel predicate types from where condition hash

I could use some eyes on
if anyone has the time.

Summary of the change:

Similar to PredicateBuilder's existing support for 'table.column' =>
'value', this patch enables 'column#method' => 'value'.

For instance, Article.where('title#matches' => 'Hello%') generates SQL

SELECT "articles".* FROM "articles" WHERE ("articles"."title" LIKE

Among other things, this change would prevent it from being necessary
to resort to SQL strings in order to achieve something as simple as a
a "published_at is not null" where clause.

  Article.where('published_at#noteq' => nil).to_sql
  SELECT "articles".* FROM "articles" WHERE ("articles"."published_at"

It plays nicely with scopes:

  scope :published, where('published_at#noteq' => nil)

In general, I don't see a whole lot of downsides to this... One thing
that could perhaps be improved is the elimination of quote
requirements around hash keys by method_missing on Symbol
(:table.column), and an operator for method selection
-- :column/:method maybe? I don't know, that syntax looks a bit goofy,
too. I chose the # of its relationship to Object#method. Most likely
for the same reasons the new routing strings were chosen.


Thanks to a discussion with Pratik on #rails-contrib today, I decided
to roll this into a gem instead:

Consider the request for feedback on the patch revoked. :slight_smile:


Maybe we should fork these kinds of gems into the Rails repo and point them out in the guides? In my view, we’ll eventually roll some of these solutions into Rails once they get robust, and used by more people, so let’s encourage that!

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