About Browser detection

Hi all ,
         I am new for ROR . Is there any way to detect the browsers
from rails application??
I having some issue of designing due to that, my tabs create gap,
which is not there.???
Any Idea?

Hi, yes, there are ways to detect the browser. You should also
consider starting off with a professionally designed web site and just
modify the contents. Unless you intend to tackle learning Rails and
styling around browser differences (which have entire books written
just for this).

Check out Open Source Web Developers for free templates to jump start your site.


Yes. Look in request.user_agent.

So you might do something like this:

   def ua_identifier(ua_string)
     return :chrome if ua_string =~ /Chrome/i
     return :ie if ua_string =~ /MSIE/
     return :safari if ua_string =~ /Safari/
     return :firefox if ua_string =~ /Firefox/i

and then

do_safari_stuff if ua_identifier(request.user_agent) == :safari

The code I showed only figures out what generic kind of browser you are receiving a request from.

Hope this helps.