Ability to test layouts in 2.2

Previously, there was a value available in @response.layout from a functional test which was a string representing the layout being used by the action (things like the assert_layout plugin and a built-in should macro assumed the presence of this value to test for the correct layout).

Is there a more correct way to get this value? Did this behavior change in 2.2? If so, what's the correct way to get a String showing the layout being rendered from a functional test?


Upon further review, the application in question here had exposed
#render_to_string as a helper method, which was being used in the
view. I'm guessing that the impl of that changed in 2.2 such that
response.layout gets reset once render_to_string is called. There
wasn't really a good use case that I could for actually using it in
this case, so a quick refactor to remove that usage was able to solve
this problem.

In other words, this is not an issue.