AASM gem: How to stub or config :no_direct_assignment to false when make rspec on rails?

Hi all,

I am newbie AASM. I just tried to use AASM on my project.
I have a problem: at Model

class Job
  include AASM

  aasm :no_direct_assignment => true do
    state :sleeping, :initial => true
    state :running
    state :cleaning
    event :run do
      transitions :from => :sleeping, :to => :running
    event :clean do
      transitions :from => :running, :to => :cleaning
    event :sleep do
      transitions :from => [:running, :cleaning], :to => :sleeping

And on rspec unit test

describe '#clean!' do
    before do
    describe 'Job clearning cancel' do
      let(:job) { FactoryGirl.create(:job, aasm_status: 'running') }
      context "when status is 'running'" do
        it "should update to cleaning" do
          job.aasm_status.should eql 'cleaning'

When i run rspec i got error:

Failure/Error: let(:job) { FactoryGirl.create(:job, aasm_status:
'running') }
  AASM::NoDirectAssignmentError: direct assignment of AASM column has
been disabled (see AASM configuration for this class)

Please share me any idea to make pass unit test.
How can i stub :no_direct_assignment right?