A big load of some load balanced mongrels

Hi there,

I'm running a photo gallery type of app. I create thumbnails for the
original images via RMagick upon request and then save away the
thumbnails in case they're requested again.

I'm running 3 clustered mongrels with litespeed on ubuntu 6.

After doing about 20 (they're fairly big images mind) var/log/syslog
warns me that the mongrels where "out of memory" and it kindly shut
them all down for me.

Do I need to...

1) Ditch mongrel?
2) Reduce the mem used by rmagick?
3) Limit mongrels mem usage to stop the system killing it?
4) ... or finally not do hefty processing on a web server... (I dont
really like this option)

Any hit this before?

I understand mongrel had mem leak issues but I read the latest version
(which I'm running) is fine...


Fixed it. Nothing to do with mongrel... It was rmagick that was out of
memory... duh.

I found the fix here...