5.1 Secrets Encryption Confusion

I’m having trouble following how to use the encrypted secrets.

Basically we’re revamping our project to use the secrets.yml file as suggested per the 4.1 upgrade. We also want to use secrets.yml.enc as per the 5.1 upgrade. However, I’m having trouble using these two things together.

My understanding is that once the key is deployed as an environment variable I should be able to access secrets stored in the encrypted file much like we could from the secrets.yml file in RoR 4.1, i.e.:

Rails.application.secrets. .

Is there something basic that I’m missing to be able to do this?

Hard to say if we don't know what you're doing.

Are you quite sure you've followed the secrets:setup directions from

  rails secrets:setup --help

exactly? If so, describe the steps that result in failure and precisely
what the failure is.