403 (Forbidden) with Apache on Mongrel Cluster

knb wrote:


I've configured a rails application on my VPS to run on two
mongrels. When I run curl on localhost, the starting page comes up
fine. That is, mongrel is serving the app perfectly.

The problem arises when trying to access the app on my ip through
apache. I
get a 403 error. Just to test things out, I've set generous
permissions on the entire rails directory structure still to no avail.

I've also set up a non-rails virtual host, and everything works fine
there. So I doubt that it's a vhost problem.

What could be the problem here? Any insights would be awesome; to me,
it's been a real gordian knot.

Hard to say without seeing your Apache config and Mongrel config/command line.

Thanks, Michael.

Here's the relevant config info.

Well either your mail client has munged your config or it's rather
malformed. You're not closing the VirtualHost 'tags', sections are
duplicated, you've nested the balancer declarations inside the
Virtual host stuff etc...

In particular you declare your cluster as mongrel_cluster, but in
your rewrite rule you've put your_app_cluster