#3151: MySQL adapter update to enable use of stored procedures


I've created a patch against the v2.3.4 release which fixes a long- standing configuration problem that prevented the use of MySQL stored procedures from Rails. People have been talking about this issue for a few years but no one has ever submitted a patch for it. It's really annoying when you run into the problem, though. Especially if you have put a lot of effort into your stored procedures!

I created ticket #3151 (at #3151 MySQL adapter update to enable use of stored procedures - Ruby on Rails - rails) which has my patch, plus more information.

It's a very small change and is not enabled by default, so the impact should be limited, unless you need it.

I followed the guidelines on submitting a patch at https://rails.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8994/sending-patches. Please let me know what I can do to facilitate reviewing this patch.

Is someone willing to take a look at this? It's a long-standing issue; The post "Stored Procedures MYSQL and Rails 2.3.2" from rubyonrails- talk is a good example:

"Search yielded only ancients results with a lot of dead links that didnt help me any further.

In the past it has been a pretty big issue to incorperate stored procedures into Rails. By now, has 2.3.2 in 2009 made any changes to this?"

My patch includes unit tests and does not alter existing behavior - it only has an effect if you "opt-in" and set the configuration option. I did my best to make it easy to verify and commit. At least one other person is interested, as shown by the comments on the lighthouse ticket.