3 different areas, 1 yield?!


I'm having a problem which is following:
<div id="header"><img ...></div>
<div id="navigation">[STUFF FROM THE DB]</div>
<div id="submenu">[STUFF FROM THE DB]</div>
<div id="content"><%= yield %></div>
<div id="footer">[STUFF FROM THE DB]</div>

How can I fill the [STUFF FROM THE DB] div's when I only have one single
yield? I can't think of any possible solution...

Yep! Thanks a lot.

One more question arose that Google and the search couldn't answer:
One of these div's have the very same entry no matter what page is being
loaded therefore I'd need have:

<% content_for :footer do %>
  <%= render :partial => "shared/footer" %>
<% end %>

in every view and this is not very DRY. Is there any possibility to make
it DRY?

That should go into your layout (apps/views/layouts).


You should really take a look at this:


Cheers, Sazima