2 Rails Applications sharing same login system

You could develop a simple web service or xml-rpc routine that hits up
against one of the databases. The web service could read or set the
boolean discussed above. Check out the XML-RPC screencast on

Chris Matthieu

Or you could do it with REST... which is more the rage in the rails
world these days.

Scaffold resource yourself a Login model in app 2... you'd probably want
user info and an expiration time (probably keep it less than a minute).
Then app 1 POSTs the xml to app 2 and gets back a response with the url
of the created login in the Location header.

App 1 can then redirect the user to that url and you make the
logins_controller check the expiration time and then log the user in on
the second system.

For security reasons, you may want to use a uid instead of the id in the
redirect url. Also, you'll want to be careful that only app 1 can make
that REST call to app 2.


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