2.3.3 bug in chained named scopes. Lambdas executing inside of the scope of the parent scopes.

In the process of upgrading from 2.2 to 2.3.3 we've come across a
major change in named_scopes that seems to be a bug. The patch can be
found here:
and it does do what it says, but we think that what it does is wrong.
It leads to named_scopes that are order dependent, and queries inside
of lambdas do not behave as you would expect.

Given a User class with a 'friends' association (pointing at other
Users) with the following named_scopes:

named_scope :named_bob, {
  :conditions => {:name => 'bob'}

named_scope :second_degree_friends, lambda{|user|
  user_friends = user.friends
  second_degree_friend_ids = user_friends.collect{|u| u.friend_ids}
    :conditions => {:id => second_degree_friend_ids.flatten}


So one of these queries will only pull user_sam's friends named 'bob'
and then see if any of them have friends named 'bob' which is not what
I want. The other one will work as expected where it finds all of
user_sam's second degree friends named bob.