2.2.2 simple_captcha upgrade error

So thanks to Craig, i got up and running on rails 2.2.2, though now i'm
dealing with a whole new can of worms. I've done a good bit o searching
and haven't found any solid leads. I'm using the simple_captcha plugin
on my site, and all is well until i call that plugin.


ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `transaction_status' for
#<PGconn:0x6a8ae20>) on line #43 of
43: <%= show_simple_captcha %>
45: <%= @f.submit "Submit" %>
46: </p>

The plugin works great in 2.1.0, Has anyone seen anything like this

It's actually a problem with the postgres gem. I ran into this the
other day at work, if I remember correctly you just need to switch
which gem you hav installed. Unfortunately I don't remember which one
to use and I'm not at the office.

That does make sense given all i've read about this error, thanks a
bunch!! I'm not in too much of a hurry to play wih 2.2.2, if its not too
much trouble whenever you get back to the office, could you let me know
what version of pgsql worked for you ( so i'm not just shooting in the
dark) ?

Right now i'm running 8.3.3 and if memory serves me correctly i had too
much trouble directly installing the gem, so I used mac ports. I tried
installing 8.2 from ports and wasn't able to, i'm assuming whatever
version i end up with, i'll have completely uninstall 8.3.3 first if i'm
using ports ?

It's not the postgres (psql) version thats the problem, its actually
the ruby postgres gem that ActiveRecord uses to connect to psql. I
will be in the office tomorrow and will check it out.

Try to install the postgres-pr gem install and use that.

how shud we create tooltip in rails application…

Thanks in advance

I asked my boss what gem it was he determined we need to be on, he
claims "pr", so I tried to install it and it fails to compile, so now
im back to square one. I really thought I had this all sorted out a
few weeks ago, maybe it was on a different computer.