+1 == +3

I have the following code (relevant section offset with dashes):

def create     @post = Post.new(params[:post])     @post.user_id = session[:user].id     @post.conversation_id = params[:conversation_id]

    @conversation = Conversation.find(params[:conversation_id])

    replies = @conversation.replies + 1

    @posts = Post.find(:all, :conditions => ["conversation_id = ?", params[:conversation_id]])

    if @post.save       Conversation.update(params[:conversation_id], { :updated_at => Time.now, :replies => replies })       User.update(session[:user].id, { :num_posts => (session[:user].num_posts += 1) })

I assume the Conversation.update line is being called? i.e. that @post.save is successful and it actually enters the if statement?

Well, is there a reason for updating user twice? Aren't session[:user] and @user supposed to represent the same object? If you're doing what I think you are, shouldn't you set @user = Users.find(session[:user].id), then operate only on @user- I wouldn't store a user object in the session like that, and do work on it.

Yeah sorry should have mentioned that. It is only being called once too as the conversation count increments by one with each post.

That did it. I didn't realize that when I put an object into the session it gets looked up constantly.

Any idea why the User.update never runs?