Zip files on Amazon s3 bucket

Ive recently moved my files to amazon S3 storage. There is some
functionality to allow an archive of files to be downloaded to a user
via delayed job. So basically a project may have 10 documents in 10
different folders in the s3 bucket. What i need to do is zip the
files up into one zip file and then send the user a link to download
them. Im using and paperclip to manage
the file uploads.

I cant really see based on the functionality available how i could
realistically create this zip archive on the S3 storage bucket. I may
have to download the files locally and zip them up on the file system
but thats not a great solution and could take forever based on the
size of some of these files. Has anyone got any ideas on how best to
do this?

I don't think you've got an alternative to transferring the files to
your server and zipping them up there


Thought so :frowning: thanks for your reply.