Zioko.com - built with Rails

Hey list,

I’ve been working on a website, http://www.zioko.com for a while now (too long!) and it’s finally time to get this thing out the door, or it might never happen!

Zioko is a place for people to create groups around their particular interests. Once a group has been created, or you join an existing group. You can post links, upload images, videos, podcasts and post messages in a forum. Content is rated by recent popularity much like Digg.com. You can also define friendships, respect other users and send private messages.

For example, I’ve gone ahead and created a group for Ruby on Rails: http://zioko.com/group/Ruby_on_Rails You might use this group by posting interesting links in the Links section, uploading images related to Rails (I believe someone mentioned a picture of Rails on the N800 a few days ago), uploading video tutorials, uploading Rails podcasts or chatting about Rails in the forum.

The site is still pretty (very) rough around the edges, and there a number of issues I’m still aware of, yet I’m sure you can appreciate that I want to give it some exposure, it’s been behind closed doors to way too long :slight_smile: There are a shed load more features I’d like to implement for maximum “wow” factor, but I guess those will have to come later. There is a feedback form in the footer so you can let me know which features you miss the most.

To fulfil the inner geek, her are some technical specs:

Served up by Mongrels, balanced by Apache. Capistrano for deployment MySQL Liquid Templates used for group pages (this to allow people to edit their groups CSS and HTML, I had to defer this feature until a later date though)

ffmpeg used for video transcoding and a bunch of plugins thanks to you, the wonderful Rails community :slight_smile:

I hope you like it, and ultimately find a use for it!

Cheers Ian