Zena 1.0 "Amen Break" release

Hi there !

I am very happy to announce the first public release of Zena, a Ruby on Rails CMS on which I started working in 2005.

Since these early days, Zena has grown from a “website with content management” (think wordpress) to a framework to build complex agile applications.

The data model in Zena is built in such a way that database design can be easily altered through the application’s life cycle: it offers both a “document model” (properties) and a “relational model” (SQLiss query language, indexing, scope indices, etc).

I know the “beginner” documentation is sparse, so please do not hesitate to spam me or Zena’s mailing list (http://zenadmin.org/community).

Release notes: http://zenadmin.org/826

Cheers !