Yuwie is similar to MySpace but with difference. Yuwie pay its members to use the site!!

Yuwie is like MySpace but it pays you to use their site It is not a
get rich quick scheme but if you like socialising and you use Yuwie
for just that you will recieve some money!

Money is made on Yuwie through advertising and Yuwie want to give back
to us and pay us for what most of us already do in MySpace.

Yuwie will actually pay you to,

- Blog
- Upload and share Photos
- Upload and share Videos
- Hang Out
- Refer Yuwie to others
- Recieve Visitors

You will be paid thru PayPal if you have one or thru check which will
be mailed to your address.

Click the link below to join immediately:

Yuwie calculates how much money they recieve from advertisers, then
they figure out how much a page view is worth to them, and then they
pay members based on the number of pages views they have for that


Join now and meet some new friends and refer to your friends, its
exciting to be there. Many people are actually signing up everyday.

Yuwie just started August 2007, if you're still thinking it's too
late, you should know that according to MySpace they have 240 million
members, Yuwie is just starting and blowing the doors off and the ones
who get in now are going to be the real winners.

Click the link below to join:

P.S. Visit my Blog page in Yuwie to learn more and just explore the
site to meet exciting people.