YODA-LIKE RUBY ROCKSTAR NEEDED -- $75 bucks per session

Hey Everyone,

Seeking a ROCKSTAR rubyist to provide instruction, guidance & code
review for a smart, ambitious and eager student who wants to learn the
BASICS & critical BEST PRACTICES from the best in a condensed amount
of time.

Don't rockstars mostly turn up late and coked up to their


Not HACK ROCKSTARS – they’re the real deal:-)

Seriously, If you know anyone or know someone who may know someone, who may be interested – please pass on this bit.ly link Thanks! www.bit.ly/yoda-of-ruby


Firstly I hope whoever takes this gig spends some time teaching you
not to double post and that ALL CAPS IS SHOUTING

Be honest here, your job is to develop an e-commerce site (without
spree) and you lied to get the work so you want someone to build it
for you at $50 per hour under the pretence of tuition.

I dont know what the contracting rate is around your parts but I
suspect that it will be higher and your dishonesty does not help.
There are plenty of work for hire sites out there where you can
contract people to do this, you would be better off looking there.

Anyone able to recommend a good site for contract developers for
Kisha, we only contract out the graphics work.


If you have nothing better to do with your time, please just don’t respond. This is NOT contract work. I’m a woman wants to learn, learn right and learn quickly. And yes, I’ve thought of a simple e-commerce project that i can work on that’s based on the Agile Web Development book. And I have a self-imposed deadline.

So stop with the weird statements about me being “dishonest” – someone being dishonest would certainly not put there real name/email and send it to a huge google group (especially if they had paid work … that would be just silly). I’m a person that would rather INVEST into an exceptional tutor than lolly-gag for months tooling around pretending be some hard core Ruby developer.

But, I get it you’re the “little bully” who likes to make fun of people for sh*its and giggles - and because you’re nestled & veiled behind some computer you feel brave and emboldened to just be rude-- bravo for you…you’re so COOL Peter… I mean, how cool are you dude??? :slight_smile:
Feel free to continue to pick on the little lady, that wants to learn…did i mention how COOL you are???

One of the hardest things in life is humble your self and ask for help when needed. I was actually a math tutor in college — do you know what happens when you make people pay you a respectable amount for your time to teach them something useful??? They don’t waste your time — because time is money. They’re organized, they don’t send thousands of emails to forums - they learn faster - they pinpoint their weaknesses to you so that you can help them faster…

The most respectable thing to do, when you really want to learn something, is to pay someone who actually
knows how to do something really well to teach you. I respect their time & expertise. Don’t judge me for doing that — Don’t judge me for wanting to invest into MY future and don’t call me a liar , when you’ve never met me.

If you’re not interested, then just be a gentleman and DON’T respond. As there are HUNDREDS of people who use this very same forum to to ask questions/help and aren’t offering to PAY for help in exchange.

Please don’t make this a back in forth thing Peter – this forum is for people who want to help each other learn. The only difference is – I’ve offered the best ones who in my neck of the woods, an opportunity to get paid to teach me how to get to the next level.

The offer still stands for ANYONE who actually wants to help (not berate me).

AND THANKS for all the positive responses thus far – if anyone BESIDES Peter, know great Rubist in the San Francisco area, who want to work with a fun, cool & eager to learn lady – please pass on this link at, as tutoring sessions will have to be conducted in person ---- www.bit.ly/yoda-of-ruby

Have a great day.


I know you’re searching for a teacher (and you’ll pay for the classes), but have you seen this page?


Maybe it’s an option for you :slight_smile:

Javier Q.