[XPOST] Invoicing - 1.0.0 released

Hello people,
We have released invoicing gem which helps you in creating, managing and generating pdf for invoices.

Bit of background: Invoicing gem was initially developed by Martin Kleppmann (https://github.com/ept/ )
for generating and displaying invoices. This release polishes the gem, makes it compatible with rails 3 and rails 4, adds pdf generation

source: https://github.com/code-mancers/invoicing

docs: http://invoicing.codemancers.com/


  1. Store any number of different types of invoice, credit note and payment record
  2. Represent customer accounts, supplier accounts, and even complicated multi-party billing relationships
  3. Automatically format currency values beautifully
  4. Automatically round currency values to the customary precision for that particular currency, e.g. based on the smallest coin in circulation
  5. Support any number of different currencies simultaneously
  6. Render invoices, account statements etc. into HTML (fully styleable and internationalisable)
  7. Export into the UBL XML format for sharing data with other systems
  8. Provide you with a default Value Added Tax (VAT) implementation, but you can also easily plug in your own tax logic
  9. Dynamically display tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive prices depending on your customer’s location and preferences
  10. Deal with tax rates or prices changing over time, and automatically switch to the new rate at the right moment
  11. Efficiently summarise account balances, sales statements etc. under arbitrary conditions (e.g. data from one quarter, or payments due at a particular date)

Changes (v1.0.0)

  1. Make gem compatible with rails 3 and rails 4.
  2. Add support for pdf generation for invoice. (requires prawn gem)
  3. Integrate rails generators for ledger items, line items, and taxes
  4. Rework all tests, and move to minitest.
  5. Integrate travis-ci, and fix several deprecation warnings.

Good one… Congrats… I will look at it and see if I can use it for any of my apps…

Thanks and Regards

Satish N Kota