"x" and "y" values in a form_tag

That's coming from the image you are using to let your users submit
the form. The x and y are the coordinates on the image that they

From where? Your log files? The address bar? Stop using an image
to post your forms, and I promise they will disappear. :wink:

Or, if that's not an option ignore them. :wink: If that's not an option,
put a filter on your controller, or for a global fix, move the filter
to the application.rb file.

The below demonstrates stripping it from the params as they come in.
It's not entirely clear to my why they would cause you problems. The
only logical thing I can think of is if you are logging all params
globally and just want to reduce some noise.

If not, oh well, have fun!


----> console

$ rails dagnan
$ cd dagnan/
$ mate .
$ script/server
$ script/generate controller foo index

----> app/controllers/foo_controller.rb

<form name="foo" action="/foo/index" method="get">
  Name: <input type="text" name="name" value="<%=params["name"]%>">
  <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit">
  <input type="image" src="/images/rails.png">

----> app/views/foo/index.rhtml

class FooController < ApplicationController

   before_filter :clense

   def index
     params.each do |t|
       puts "#{t[0]} => #{t[1]}"

   def clense