:www.myd2d.com is online!

A new Web2.0 site developed by rails from China has been published on

I think you spelt [ADV] wrong in your subject line.

All major features of Web2.0 such as Ajax,Tag,RSS,Portel,etc, are
included.And it is a real single page application where forward,back are
no longer necessary.

Oh dear. That's not going to be very friendly to disabled people. In fact, I just tried your site without javascript and nothing really works at all. It's very, very broken.

Kudos for putting your "We're web 2.0" before telling us what your site actually does though. :smiley:

The website is designed to faciliate users to
exchange what they have with what they want.

I have exuberance and want global tolerance. Will that work? :slight_smile:

The essence of exchange is the exchange of demands, that is, Demands-2-Demands. Hopefully, more stories like the final possession of a villa through the exchange process starting from a U-shaped pin will also take place @ myd2d.

I think you mean 'red paper-clip' and to be honest, the town did it as a jokey publicity stunt, but I get what you mean.

Currently two languages are supported:English and Chinese. Other
languages will be available in future.

The tags show an awful lot of chinese even when I'm in English mode. Hope you can fix that.

Comments and suggestions are mostly welcome and appreciated.

Seriously, it's obvious you've put a lot of work into it, and I hope you can fix accessibility and make it a success.