Wrong number of arguments (0 for 1) in callback method

Somewhat unrelated, but if you're creating a new, "simple" Rails app,
why are you tangling with set_table_name and a noninteger primary key?
Working against the Rails conventions will cause no end of trouble,
especially if you're just starting out...

--Matt Jones

Hi Matt,
Actually I am trying to connect to already existing DB where mentioned
table is readily available. I just need to read it all the time or
occasionally write it but I do not create it from my app. The primary
key of the table is varchar. I can do nothing about that and if i do
not declare it into my model, it will assume a primary key 'id' in the
table. Is there any better way here?

PS: i cannot see your posting on ruby-forum. Will it take LOTS of time
for that to appear on the site or something else?