Writing to an USB Flash Drive


I would like to provide my website visitors the ability to store
images from the site in to a USB flash drive. User will click the
image or pressing a submit button after selecting it. Can some one
guide me on how I can do this using ROR?

Any help is much appreciated.


Look up the docs for send_file or send_data and, in particular, the :disposition and :filename options.


Thanks Rob. Will check on that. Anyway i can supress the "save/open/
cancel" window and directly save it the thumb drive?

Removing the dialog would be bad (if it is even possible). I have like to determine where the photos are going to be saved on my own computer.

Is this going to be a kiosk type thing where USB is the only option?

It is not like a kiosk, but USB thumb drive is the designed option.
Say you want to select photos from flikr and
take it to costco for printing. i don't want my user to do a "save as"
or anything. one click it goes to the thumb
drive straight.!


This is not possible because of security reasons. It would give you
the possibility
to write arbitrary data to every place on disk that the user has
access to without his
knowledge. (On Windows XP: usually everywhere, like... boot.ini? Any
EvE players

Thanks Florian.