wowzza just launched...breaking news 20,000 members alre

nc3bj6yp wrote:

hey this social networking site is going crazy, it just launched
yesterday and it has over 20,000 members within their first 24 hours!

This thing is crazy! It's paying members to use their services! Wow!
It's like network marketing on steroids! check out this crazy wowzza
story following the internet here

They give you audio, video, blogs, and all kinds of great stuff!
check out what everyone else is doing by going to

I received an email from the top sponsor in this company a
little over a week before Wowzza launched, and I'm so glad
I did. I have been in this since the day before they
launched, and all I can say is Thank You. :slight_smile:
Not only is my matrix filling as I write this, but the
community of marketers is awesome! You can learn quite a
lot here, that's for sure. This is set to be one of the
biggest launches of 2008. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

And this belongs to Rails in which way ??

" can also pay you over $80,000 a month just for being a Social Networking Super Star!"

that means, "for just sitting around..." ?!?

And it has already 20.000 members within the first day, wohoooooo.

so wait...that means we are talking about $1.600.000.000 just after 24hrs !!!


This is one of the most ridiculous launches I have seen for a long. Wonder how in 2008 there is still a market for such MLM-stuff

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There's always a fresh crop of gullible people. And doing the arithmetic rarely seems to help.