Worth a read - more ignorant RonR Head Bashing !



I say, let other people use whatever they want, while we use Rails,
compete against them, and win. :slight_smile:


REST with Rails
Oct 4, 2008, Austin, TX

The big problem with rails is same as with other great open source
products - it is better than it's closed source alternatives. And if
these closed source products are supported by big companies then you
start seeing false myths (rails doesn't scale, linux has only console,
etc.). I believe biggest companies even have employees responsible for
spreading these myths. Agreed with Jeff, let's simply win against
those not using rails ;).

People said the same things about Linux for quite a long time (and
some still do), yet more and more people and companies are starting to
adopt it. Rails will be there at some point. People always initially
fear whatever is totally different than what they are comfortable
with, until they have the chance to really understand it.

I agree that Rails has some issues that need to be dealt with, but
nothing more than any other technology out there has. Rails is still
young also, so it will be a little longer before all of the bugs and
issues are ironed out.


Exactly. We Europeans have to hear exactly the same thing about the Mac, and mostly from people who never even touched a Mac in their life. Over the last couple of years, Macs have become fashionable in the US and the everlasting Mac bashing has mostly disappeared on US blogs. People always fear what they don’t know and companies with commercial interest invest time and money in maintaining the FUD. Eventually good things always prevail though, so we don’t really have to worry.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt