Workling and dependent gems

Hi there.

I'm trying to get Workling running on my staging server, but an "undefined method `get'" error ( It's a very clean Hardy server without many gems installed, so it must be a missing gem since I don't get that error on my dev box.

I was wondering - is there a list of things that Workling is dependent on? It barfed when I didn't have daemons, then it barfed when I didn't have eventmachine. I knew I had to install those because it was mentioned it in the log/workling.output file. However, with this latest error, it doesn't say anything useful to me.

I guess a list of all gems it needs would be great!

Thanks, Ramon Tayag

Oh man.. I figured it out by accident, almost. Apparently "git add ." doesn't always add all files recursively (I'm new to git). RudeQueue plugin wasn't added! So when I deployed, it wasn't on the server. :S

Ramon Tayag