Working on the web site

Do any of you work on the web site? The repository URL is at .

I’m able to get all but THREE tests to pass. All of these tests fail with the message “Failed to open TCP connection to localhost:22221”. I’ve described my dilemma in more detail at .

The official way of working on this app is to have Ruby on Rails installed in the host OS and use Docker to run ElasticSearch. PLEASE don’t tell me to do it this way. Manually installing Ruby on Rails in the host OS is a long and painful process. The deal-breaker is not being able to reset the development environment willy-nilly.

I tried to install Docker within Docker, but this didn’t pan out. Thus, having Rails in a Docker container and ElasticSearch in a Docker container within a Docker container is a no-go.

So now what I’m trying is ElasticSearch in the same Docker container where I’m running Rails. I know that /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml is the configuration file, but trying to set in it hasn’t panned out.