Will Rubinius make the deployment easier...?


I am aware that a great project for Ruby Virtual machine known as
"Rubinius" is getting developed rapidly.

It also has Erubis , that works faster than ERB. I think it also has few
important options that can replace mod_ruby.

Despite hearing a lot about Rubinius, i am still not aware about the
advantages that Rubinius as a totally Ruby VM, shall offer with

Can someone focus more on the deployment scenario with Rubinius.


Apparently, Engine Yard (the company who hired the Rubinius developer
and who is now funding it's development) also hired someone to work
full-time on "mod_rubinius" which is an extension for apache (similar to
mod_php or mod_python) which would, if completed, allow ruby to run
through an apache extension.

This would make deploying ruby applications pretty much as easy as
deploying a php application. In other words, check out your application
to the server machine and you are good to do.

The closest thing we have to something like this for ruby now is called
"Switchpipe" which allows a similar idea but is not quite as big an
achievement as a true "mod_rubinius" would be.

Nathan Esquenazi wrote:

I have no idea on if there is a place you can check for progress.
However, here is a link to the place I first heard the news:


Apparently, Ezra (the man behind Engine Yard) revealed the new hire on
his podcast.