Will Paginate and formatted JS calls

Once again I go to the RoR group for help.

I have an application that is completely RESTful. I have a formatted
call to one of my resources that is;


and it calls and RJS file that reloads all the partials on the page
and displays some new information. ( in this case it's service
tickets, and when I click on a specific radio box it loads some
different tickets )

My problem is that it would seem that Will Paginate makes use of
calling tickets.js when it's trying to paginate through the
tickets... and the format.js line in my index action for the tickets
controller is causing the pagination not to work... instead I get a
ton of Javascript on the screen.

If I remove the format.js line from the index action, the pagination
works... but then my radio buttons don't cause the AJAX reload.

My question is, how can I get around this? Should I make a new
formatted type for the AJAX call, or is there some other way of
getting around this. like if it's will paginate, then format.js
returns the next 10 tickets and if it's the radio box calling
format.js then it runs the index.rjs file? Maybe through params?

Any help would be appreciated.


OK... apparently I'm not paying attention...

Everything works fine UNTIL I make a RJS call by clicking on the radio
boxes.. then the will paginate links change from "ticket" to

I was reading this post http://railsforum.com/viewtopic.php?pid=67434
and it seems I have a similar problem... however... putting
  <%= will_paginate @tickets, :params => { :action => "index"} %>
made little difference,and the links still change from ticket to

Any ideas guys?

Sorry for the spam...

For google-foo and internet archivations I'll post the solition
here... just change the will paginate block to

  <%= will_paginate @tickets, :params => { :format => "html"} %>

which updates the format parameter to "html" and makes the linke
tickets.html, instead of .js and all is well.

Sorry again for the spam.. I wasted so much time mucking around with
it, figures when I finally go to the well, the solution comes to me.