WIKI web hosting

Hello everyone.
First of all I am a total newby to ROR. I was asked to come up and
host a wiki website on my biz-data class. Heard that ROR is one of the
easiest approaches to the given problem. I would really appreciate if
anyone could help me out here, or at least direct me to a feasible
Is it possible to use an already existing code, or do I have come up
with my own codes? If the answer is yes, then where do I get those
codes? and how do I implement them as my own?


Dear Kodama

Thanx for your reply. The thing is, I did ask my instructor if it was
possible to use
commercial wiki sites like, etc... The answer
was we
couldn't use others' server space, and we have to come up with an
independent wiki
site and put it on our school's server (pretty much from scratch).
What I was
wondering was that whether there were any sites that offer free wiki
that can be downloaded and remodeled on ROR, and can be used like free
htm codes
that are remodelable and re-usable, on windows.



I needed a wiki in my server and installed mediawiki:
almost easy t install fron scratch in a local server.

If you need a wiki writte in ROR, I do no know



I have settled on MediaWiki, though I have still encountered some
problems upon
installing it.
First of all, I am installing it on my own computer with help of
Apache as my server.
I have also installed PHP 5, and MySQL for the database.
I have been told that Apache 2 and PHP 5 should be configured
so that MediaWiki 1.11 (the current ver) folder with all those
subfolders inside
can be put on the Apache.
Could you tell me your steps of MediaWiki installation?


Might I humbly suggest that this is a question far more suited, and
likely to get an answer on a mediawiki discussion group.

For example:

Although it would be best to do a little homework before entering
there. Perhaps by googling for "mediawiki install"