wicket like templating


I was wondering if anyone has thought about making rails's templating system more in the concepts of wicket (there are other such templating engines, this is the one i've used). With wicket, the template is just a regular HTML with attribute that identify snippets of HTML that need to be dynamically created. Then, the backend code can substitute these snippets, usually by reusing them, and injecting dynamic content. The cool thing is that wicket templates contain no logic (nor loops or conditions) and are valid HTML. So designers don't need to think in logic and can design (and maintain) the templates in their favorite HTML editor. Also, wicket promotes the use of components, so, for example, to have a date picker, you just put in your HTML the input box for the date and a span for the calendar icon and in your code create a date picker class and pass it the ids to these two items and that's it: the javascript is included, any necessary HTML is taken care for you, etc.

We had good experience with wicket. Before, we used struts (yuck), and our designer had a difficult time grasping logic ideas, and couldn't work with his editor. With wicket, the templates are very clean again, and easy to understand (and beutiful).

So, as you may have realized by now is that I like wicket. But, I don't like Java so much any more.

Thanks, Ittay

P.s., sorry if this issue has come up before, just point me to the relevant thread if it has.