Why you are not satisfied with Ruby on Rails IDE's?


I see that there were a huge discussions about, what IDE is good and
what is better to use.

Can you tell, what exactly don't you like in IDE's, is it lack of
features or general convinience?

Aptana? personally I don't like it's Data Navigator.

But I have never seen any analogue of it's Data Navigator. I even
cannot imagine how to improve or replace it. Obviously this thing is
not very good. Maybe somebody will share his opinion about how to
replace this feature, how he would like to see it implemented. I have
to continue using mysql-front

i was reading this post, which reminded me there'll be a flood of
releases soon: Aptana, IntelliJ, CodeGear, NetBeans, maybe komodo and


Do you know if NetBeans has an analogue of Data Navigator?

I used the data navigator in Aptana/RadRails occasionally, but MySQL
has a perfectly good native one, and presumably Postgres/whatever have
really good native tools as well. Why is having this in the IDE
useful? (Am I missing something productive here?)

There is one in NetBeans, but out of the box it only comes with a
JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver. Not terribly useful, but I've never cared -
I just run the MySQL Query Browser, or a command line.

- James Moore

aptana for rails,
heidi sql for database manipulation

over and out!

In NetBeans you can control-click on a method name and it opens the
file that contains the method definition with the cursor positioned at
the start of the definition. Very helpful!


As a DB interface, I like SQLyog as a MySQL GUI (on Windows) -- lots
of useful features, including built-in SSH tunneling (if you get the
paid version) and synchronization between dbs.